is racing. is a passion. is the Formula Student team of Bremen. from the Lecture to Racetrack.


Registration Quiz - Smart Racing

The long awaited day of the registration quizzes arrived on the 27th January. Yesterday we gave our all to reach the desired goal and although the whole team was a bit nervous and the day was a...

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Go-Kart Event - Accelerating towards adventure

Lights out and away we go!!! This week we had our go karting visit, we had a lot of competition, a lot of speed but most of all a lot of fun. We were left wanting more. We hope to be back on the...

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Happy new Year 2023 - Speeding into the future

Welcoming this new year with good wishes but also with hard work. This week we started with team meetings and practice exams. Each team reported on their progress, established points for...

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